Serenity Wellness Center
Regina, Saskatchewan

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Open your Heart to have a Divine Connection and a Sacred Relationship with your Angels and Divine Team. Learn to Trust in their guidance, to help you with direction and choices. To have the strength, support and protection that you need.

You will be able to feel your angels, hold their hands and breathe in the light of their essence. You will be able to surround yourself with love, assistance and communication with your angels and to trust in the divine guidance you receive.

This workshop will not only teach you about how to hear your angels, but how to heal and use the divine guidance that is given to you.

The Angels are a huge supporter of your path, and will divinely lead you if you wish. Building a Divine Connection with your Angels can really help you with unconditional love for thyself and for others. It helps move you out of judgement and increases your ability to move more into your higher heart, where you will be able to have that relationship with your angels, masters and guides.

We will be working on a higher level within your higher heart charka, your thymus, which is the seat of the human soul and will help awaken your heart to an even higher consciousness which will allow you to hear your angels more clearly and truthfully. It will help you with the ability to connect and have a sacred relationship with them.

You are really going to feel your angels this day!!

You are already built for this and the truth of who you are. Let your angels surprise this day!

There is still time to save on this workshop until March 11th!
It will be such a fulfilling and inspirational day where you will spread your wings even further on your path!!!

I love you!
Karen Neuls

What exciting things do you think you could discover about yourself? What new aspects and creativity can you bring to this world? Are you needing more love, compassion, forgiveness? Whatever you are needing, The Angels are here to help you! There is so much waiting for you and it will be my honor to serve you this day!

You hold the Key to your Happiness!

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Space is limited to 11 people.

Early Bird Price $99.00 until April 1st
After April 1st $144.00